Using Social Media to Market Real Estate Development Projects

1. Use Contests

If you are after exposure or network engagement, running contests on social media is a good solution. Posting a contest on Twitter or Facebook will expose your brand and at the same time, it will engage your audience.

A golden rule to keep in mind when running contests is to keep the contest structure as simple as possible. For instance, ask simple questions that require a one-button click to answer (such as choosing between colors/color schemes or even photos). It gives your network a chance to voice their opinion while reducing the amount of time needed to make a response.

The good thing about contests is that you can use the results in subsequent marketing.

2. Offer Deals Exclusive to Your Social Media Followers or Give Your Followers A Chance to Win

Everybody loves free things or a good deal. You can use this innate human behavior to boost your social media presence and your business. For instance, you can offer savings or even give gift certificates in exchange for liking and sharing your page.

3. Keep Your Network Up-To-Date on Your Latest Projects

Due to the humans being curious, people want to know what is happening around them. As such, when you have new projects, keep your social network up-to-date. Some are interested in opportunities you may offer, so post any opportunities you may have. Additionally, share the benefits that your project will yield to the community. Also, include information about the un-served or underserved market your project will fill. In a nutshell, make your posts relevant to your audience.

4. Make Use of Videos

For the most part, videos are inadequately used. However, as a medium of communication, they are very effective. People are drawn to watching videos as they are more interactive and better for content consumption. As a testament to their effectiveness, HubSpot reckons that in the real estate industry, listings that were accompanied by a video received up to 403% more inquiries when compared to the listings that did not have a video.

Take full advantage of the power of video and include short clips of your new projects. As a golden rule, keep the videos succinct with the aim of putting your message across in just one minute. Alternatively, use Facebook Live.

5. Do Not Forget About LinkedIn

As a social media platform, LinkedIn is an under-utilized platform. Do not make this very mistake. Grow your presence on this platform and use it for both marketing and professional networking.

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