Things to Consider When Hiring A Commercial Real Estate Developer


The right commercial real estate developer should have a good understanding of how financial limitations will impact the financing process of the project. In fact, the developer should be knowledgeable about commercial finance and should be able to walk through the customer during each step of the process. Although most developers will simply refer their customers to the nearest bank or lender for financial advice, it is better to work with a professional developer who has extensive knowledge of financial planning issues.

Service Scope

The commercial real estate industry is fragmented with very little service standardization. In fact, most companies provide only a portion of services required for the completion of the entire project. They don’t provide a comprehensive oversight which will allow their clients to disengage from the construction project and concentrate on other areas of their businesses. That is why you should hire a commercial real estate development firm that provides an end-to-end project management approach. This offers the benefit of a single contact-point project control and accountability.


The developer should be prepared to help the customer resolve any issues if the proposed project is out of reach due to image problems. This could include postponing the relevant project for some time and assisting the customer with corrective measures such as an image change.

In fact, appearance is very important to local and regional authorities. This can impact your project in a positive or negative way. To make sure that the required municipal approvals are granted, you should work with a developer that has a reputed image within your community.

Industry Experience

Whether you are dealing with a commercial property such as an office park, church, or medical office, each type of project has different requirements that the developer should meet. But all developers may not be able to meet such requirements. That is why you need to work with a company that has the experience, skills, and expertise to deal with all aspects of the project. It should meet the vision and financial restraints of the client. A company that is suited for one project, may not have the technical expertise to build a new facility. In fact, the right company should have the client’s best interests in mind throughout the project


Many new commercial real estate developers learn the hard way that it takes highly specialized skills to complete a job efficiently. That is why you should always work with a reliable commercial real estate developer on the market.

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