There are risks associated with any type of project, but two factors can play a large role in them. Those factors include the stage and type. When you do your research online, you will often read how the risk curve is influenced throughout the lifecycle of the project by the
Does Your Real Estate Developer Have Financial Stability? The security and financial stability of any commercial real estate developer that you choose to work with is very important to consider, just like understanding a little bit about their background. It is important to not involve yourself with a developer that
Build-Up A Personal Foundation First If you happened to sell, buy or flip commercial property land or a home and you managed to make a profit the first time around. The chances are you just got lucky. However, the initial step for consistent success in the industry of real-estate development
1 – Building Relationships The relationships of a real estate developer are crucial, and it takes time to build them. There must be some of rapport with the likes of attorneys, general contractors, bank managers, civil engineers, brokers, equity sources, appraisers, tenants, architects, and many others. It’s been said that
With taxes coming up right around the corner, I thought it might be a good idea to go over a few things to help you on your tax returns. Here are a few guidelines to follow for saving on taxes: 1. Go Green Ensuring the property/house is environmentally friendly and