1. The Economy Will Grow In 2018 The real estate industry is currently riding the waves of one of the longest expansions in its history. But real estate professionals are quite cautious of the potential impact of real estate on individual sector fundamentals. Yet, they are confident that the industry
1. Use Contests If you are after exposure or network engagement, running contests on social media is a good solution. Posting a contest on Twitter or Facebook will expose your brand and at the same time, it will engage your audience. A golden rule to keep in mind when running
A real estate developer needs to have plenty of experience working as a developer and needs to be very familiar with market conditions to succeed in this business.  The developer should have strong connections that are maintained with local government to help ensure that projects are completed on time.  Developers
1. Be Persistent Brokers often look for the same attitude that clients do. For example, a client wants a broker who will be aggressive and persistent. They want someone who is going to connect them with the right tenants, find the best buyers, and locate the space they need. You
Budget The right commercial real estate developer should have a good understanding of how financial limitations will impact the financing process of the project. In fact, the developer should be knowledgeable about commercial finance and should be able to walk through the customer during each step of the process. Although