Sam McClain

Mr. McClain has spent his professional career in commercial construction. In recent years he has focused on coordinating the business development, field operations and contractual obligations of complex commercial projects. His experience in large-scale projects has provided the firm with the systems required to work with many agencies and fulfill their specific requirements on an ongoing basis. With an eye for detail, he provides a seamless transition from beginning to end of each awarded contract. His work ethic and determination have provided for continued expansion of new markets and new partners.

Michael Snedeker

Mr. Snedeker is a seasoned executive that brings a variety of experience to the leadership of Elite Building Corp.  As a real estate professional he leads the business development effort in securing both public and private contracts. Mr. Snedeker also uses his experience in construction and real estate to identify potential projects for development, secure financing, and provide overall guidance on business planning and corporate development. His natural charisma and business acumen are critical assets to the overall success of the business and the strong reputation of Elite Building Corp.

Paul Spicuzza

Mr. Spicuzza is our go-to for managing and directing projects in the field. He brings over thirty years of supervision and managing the performance of individuals. His deep experience comes from his dual career as a Sargent for the Department of Corrections AND the owner of successful residential remodeling company. As a natural project manager and leader he provides a seamless transition from beginning to end of each commercial construction project. In addition to managing the field operations, as a former body builder he enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his family.