3 Tips for Networking into A Real Estate Brokerage Firm

1. Be Persistent

Brokers often look for the same attitude that clients do. For example, a client wants a broker who will be aggressive and persistent. They want someone who is going to connect them with the right tenants, find the best buyers, and locate the space they need. You can only find those things if you remain persistent and avoid procrastination. Similarly, brokerage firms want to hire brokers that are going to be aggressive and persistent without becoming annoying. It’s a difficult mindset to master, but one that will help you secure the job you need.

The question is, “how do I show my persistence?”. It all begins with a simple introduction, which you can send via email. With that introduction, you should include your intent for employment and your professional resume. That’s the launching point. Then, if nothing happens, follow up on a weekly basis. Each week, let them know that you are still driven and still interested.

2. The Pros Appreciate “Old School”

There’s no denying the speed, power, and efficiency that the internet has brought to the workforce. On the contrary, many people simply rely on it too much. They spend so much time applying online and building LinkedIn profiles that they don’t pay attention to the person who is doing the hiring. This contrasts with the fact that many older employers don’t check their LinkedIn as often as you would imagine.

The key to overcoming this divide is to rely on “old school” snail mail. Write a letter, add your resume, and seal it all in a nice envelope. Many of the older employers don’t experience these types of in-person attempts much anymore, which means they take notice when they do.

On a similar note, you can pick up the phone and call their office. There is so much that communicate about your personality over the phone that can’t be detected in an email or letter. It’s a good way to be heard and to impress the people doing the hiring. Finally, don’t forget to buy a suit, cut your hair, and clean your shoes before visiting the office.

3. Your Relationships Can Help

What’s the point of networking if those relationships never actually help you? Having friends is nice, but it’s even better when you can leverage that relationship to get your foot in the door. That doesn’t mean you should expect to be hired because you know someone related to the boss. It simply means that you can use that connection to get a phone call with the people who count.  So many people have leveraged important connections simply to start a conversation, which later led to long-term employment.

Don’t buy into the misconception that having help somehow means you are inferior or didn’t earn your position. What you are doing is utilizing your network to launch your career. Having a network and knowing how to use it is an important skill. As a matter of fact, it’s one that is going to help you tremendously as a broker. If you can’t use them now, then you’re going to have a hard time using them in the future.

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